Double-Layered Chocolate Cake with Mocha FrostingIn September 2014, I made an extraordinary lifestyle choice that gifts me with a two-fold return on a daily basis: improved personal- and social welfare. I became a vegan. I have to admit that this switch was not particularly challenging for me because I never was a big meat eater and have kept a mostly balanced, nutrient-rich diet since my teens. Nevertheless, the transition was at times somewhat difficult to bear, especially since I am huge sushi fan. Kappa maki simply can’t give shake maki a run for its money, unless you know some incredible sushi chef, who can convince me of the contrary.

This lifestyle change has substantially improved my personal well-being. I feel more energized and balanced than ever. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and I have witnessed drastic leaps in my creativity levels, particularly in the kitchen. By leading this more conscious lifestyle, I also gain substantial utility from knowing that I am not contributing to animal cruelty and am lowering my carbon footprint through my new eating habits. You won’t believe what impact the global meat production has on CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere – a topic for later discussion.

The dishes presented in this blog taste so good that your non-vegan friends will start asking you for the recipe and/or will act absolutely flabbergasted when being told that what they are eating is vegan – you should have seen the faces of some of my friends. Vegan food doesn’t taste like cardboard or a bundle of grass (clichés, I know), but instead like pure bliss for body and soul. Happiness is truly just a recipe away!